Vanhaaren Designs


I provide two different types of business services: Web and Graphic Design. I build custom created websites for either personal or professional use. For Graphic Design I can create custom logos, business cards, some photo editing, invitations, flyers, etc. 

Whatever service you need I can work with and create a professional design and look. Just email or call to set up a time to get your website or graphic designs started.

I will be offering photo sessions and for now my sessions will include engagement and family photos, I can do senior portraits only if requested. Pricing will vary for each session.


Below is a itemized list of what I charge for websites and graphic design. I do require that anyone who is wanting work done pay half upfront and once the job is done, pay me the rest of what is due. You will get a receipt for payment and it will include what you are paying for. Payment options accepted are either check or Paypal. I do not accept cash payments!!!! 

  •  Personal websites-This would include wedding websites.  The price would be $75.00 included in this package would be: custom designed graphics for the website, domain name, hosting site services.
  • Business websites-The price would be $110-$900. The price range depends on the length of time for the site to be designed, custom graphics created, domain name, hosting service charges and if the site were to include a shopping cart.
  • Logos-The price would be $10.00 I can use any file format you can download on your computer to save the image. The logo would be a digital file for you to use. If you are wanting the logo put on items and you can not do this, I work with a company that can supply what you need. There is a small service charge for whatever you need your logo put on.
  • Custom Business Graphic Design-If you are needing business cards, flyers, postcards the prices would range from $15.00-$65.00 
  • Invitations-If you are looking for custom made wedding invites or birthday party cards or announcements the prices would range from $75-$300.00 The price would depend upon how many invites are needed, and I do charge more for last minute design needs.
  • Wedding packages-I have three different wedding packages. For a basic package this would include wedding invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes any color of choice. The number of invites for the basic package would be for under 35 guests. For a standard package this would include save the date cards or magnets, wedding invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes any color of choice. The number of invites for this package would be for 40-50 guests.  For the premium package this would include a wedding website, save the date cards or magnets, wedding invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes any color of choice. The number of invites for guests would be for 60 to 200. The pricing of each package is: $50.00 basic package, $110.00 standard package and $275 premium package. 

Company Policy

In the event that you are not satisfied with the job I do with website or graphic design I will refund your money. I do not like working at the last minute so please try to contact me as early as possible if needing invites done. I do require a deposit or half of the payment upfront to ensure we have an agreement for the job I will be doing for you. 

I do give discounts for referrals. If someone you know referred you to my website, please let me know who that person was and I will discount up to %15 off of your custom built website or graphic design need.For my Facebook page from time to time I will run promotional contests. If you enter the contest and win you are only allotted one win for the year. This makes it fair to everyone who participates in the contests. 

Additional Product-Services.

For anyone who is looking for professional photographers, DJ, catering, Licensed Pastor, etc. I have a list of people I can provide you with if you decide to pick me to work with you on your special wedding day.